Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mark 16

Digital paint-over of the loose sketch I did after getting back to work.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mark 16

Another place holder for mark #16. I also noticed the cut marks on her legs. Kinda reminds me of Sally from nightmare before christmas.


Are you looking at me?
Yep we are back on Wilshire sketching again.
As production slows for my current episode, one of our members returns from Paternity Leave, and we get back into the swing of sketching at lunch, we have returned to our old haunts on Wilshire Blvd. to sketch folks passing by.
Our 16th mark, ( I have to admit, i took some liberties with the action) reminded me of a follower of the pop singer Katie Perry (who may or may not be a follower of Betty Page.) But the distinct thing that was interesting about this mark was that this Perry look alike had large slashes across the backs of her legs.
Don't know how they got there but not something that you see everyday.